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Welcome to Simone Stolmack Acupuncture 

Simone Stolmack provides individual holistic care to assist you in feeling healthier and happier. We do not try to find one exact reason for your health concerns but acknowledge that there may be several underlying contributing factors.

Services offered include Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Moxibustion, Birth Doula and IVF support.

Simone Stolmack has been an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist for over 12 years and is also a Birth Doula and Yoga Teacher


Simone has a BHSc in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Diploma in Remedial Massage, is certified with the Australian Doula College and is certified in Manaka Acupuncture Protocols. 

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Acupuncture for health

Article: "Some good reasons why you should think about having acupuncture before and during your IVF cycle" 

Taken from: 
The Acupuncture and Pregnancy Clinic

"There are several good reasons why you should think about having acupuncture before and during your IVF cycle... or maybe why you shouldn't !"

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Acupuncture for men's health 

At Simone Stolmack Acupuncture we develop acupuncture programmes for men. We are seeing an increasing number of male clients seeking acupuncture for many health conditions ranging from muscular-skeletal conditions, sport injuries to stress management, insomnia, erectile disfunction and male factor infertility

We offer various male infertility acupuncture packages to support natural conception and IVF fertility programs. Contact us to find out more and discuss a program tailored for you. 

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Japanese Acupuncture  Acupuncture that is gentle and painless

Taken from: "Japanese Acupuncture: returning to the classics" 

A common misconception about acupuncture is that it is painful. Some forms of acupuncture can be painful however Simone Stolmack uses Japanese Acupuncture which is known for its gentle approach. Clients often report that they cannot feel the needles at all. 

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Prior to Conception: The Role of an Acupuncture Protocol in Improving Women’s Reproductive Functioning

Taken from: Cochrane S et al, Evid Based Comp and Alt Med, 2016

Acupuncture as a modality to improve fertility in women who had been trying to conceive for a year or more without success, was assessed in this review. It shows that women receiving acupuncture tend to conceive more rapidly than those in a control group.

The global average of couples with fertility problems is 9%. Assisted reproductive technologies are ... read more

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Acupuncture for Chronic Pain - A Study: 'Acupuncture outperforms traditional treatment in relieving pain'

A rigorous review has found that acupuncture outperforms traditional methods in relieving arthritis and migraines, as well as chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. The solid findings led chief author Dr. Andrew J. Vickers to conclude, "We think there's firm evidence supporting acupuncture for the treatment of chronic pain."

These results will likely come as no surprise to many of the three million estimated Americans who use the age-old therapy each year.  

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What is a birth doula?

A birth doula is an experienced companion who understands the emotional and physical needs of a woman and her family throughout her pregnancy, labour, birth and early postnatal period, and provides continuous support, care and information for a woman throughout her whole experience.

Research has shown that having a doula can cut the chances of medical interventions such as inductions, epidurals, and caesareans by almost half. Women are less likely to request pain relief, tend to have shorter labours and have a more positive outlook of their birthing experience. So what are doulas and what do they do?

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